Special environmental requirements for PCB coating

After the surface of the printed board is surface treated, it needs to be painted to meet the color requirements and to prevent corrosion. However, painting has special requirements for the environment, as follows:
1. Try to avoid the construction of the printing plate under direct sunlight, and do not construct it in the dusty place.
2. The working environment should be clean, dry and ventilated. If the ambient temperature is 5 °C or above and the relative humidity is 85% or less, the construction should be carried out. If any limit is exceeded, measures should be taken immediately, otherwise construction is not allowed.
3. When the printed board is used for outdoor construction, the construction should be stopped when it rains, fog, dew or the surface may be wet.
4, to avoid working in high winds; avoid the effects of cooling airflow during hot weather work, such as construction in this environment, can only be brushed, and do dustproof work.
5. The wet surface is strictly prohibited from painting; the dew point temperature depends on the combination of relative humidity and temperature of the environment.