Corrugated Roofing Steel Sheet

StandardGB, JIS, ASTM
Lengthaccording to customers’ request
Coloraccording to RAL standard

1. One package of red corrugated roofing sheets, with five corrugations and four stripes for the surface treatment.

2. The red corrugated roofing sheets are measured, and the sizes are as required, not limited to the size shown in the picture.

3. Many light green corrugated roofing sheets are available, this kind of sheets can be customized into different sizes and colors.

4. Several pieces of dark green corrugated roofing sheets in one package, their colors can be changed according to your application.

5. We offer dark blue corrugated roofing sheets, and all of the sheets are with high quality.

6. We offer red corrugated roofing sheets, and the red sheets are the most favorable for the striking color.

7. The red corrugated roofing sheets are produced by our specific machine, and different machines are used for various patterns.

8. The blue corrugated roofing sheets are in stock, and other size are available not limited to the ones shown in the picture.

9. Chemical composition:

CSiMnPSSol AlAZ coatingY.S/MpaT.S/MpaE.L/%